Niels, Mari, Nanko, Parijs
Paris, the city everyone has go to at least once, the city where dreams begin. The city where romance is found but also a city full of stairs, broken elevators en physical appearance.

The film tells the story of a young man in a wheelchair, on the search of romance in Paris. However, his visit to the City of Love turns out to be disappointing.

The themes of the film are hidden in the question about where limits lie: Are these limits to be found with the handicapped themselves, or are they to be found in those who (forcibly) deal with those handicapped? This question is the basic element needed for this tragicomedy which is to be hilarious as much as painfully identifiable.

Filmmaker Mari Sanders came up with the idea for this film during his daily experiences and the journey he made across Europe in his wheelchair. With the making of this film Mari and producer Jasper Knol have graduated from, AKV|St. Joost Breda as Bachelors in Audiovisual Design. Before and during his studies Mari has written and directed multiple fiction film projects. He has developed himself in the field of tragicomic and absurdist film, inspired by human imperfections.

Jasper Knol developed himself as a producer during the course of his education and has a spectrum of projects to his name.

For this film Mari Sanders has taken observations from the point of view of his own handicap as a foundation. Therefore the film is not so much about physically overcoming the handicap, but more about the evolution a handicapped person goes through with those surrounding him. Altogether it comes with all sorts of hilarities.

The film will be screened at several film festivals and has a duration of about 21 minutes. The leading role is portrayed by Niels Gomperts (Pinoza, Lena) with Martin Simek, Remco Koning, Floor Paul and Paul Laszlo, Steye van Dam and Sophy Ribrault in supporting roles.

Director of photography is Nanko Goeting. The music is composed by Ralph Timmermans.